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All persons living permanently in Germany must be able to acquire the basic skills required for an active participation and commiseration in the society and labour market with proper education. This is especially true for children — they have different learning requirements and need nuanced support and encouragement in daycare centres and schools. In this way, disproportionate starting opportunities and disadvantages can be reduced, which can be linked to family background, different language requirements and, above all, social inequality. The Expert Commission has made many suggestions for better participation in language and education, which are presented in chapter 4.2 . Chapter 4.5.4 examines the effects that discriminatory practices can additionally have on educational success.

Adults should certainly also be able to acquire basic skills, both linguistic and vocational. Successful language training that begins as early as possible is paramount for newly immigrated adults in particular. Opportunities for vocational education and further training are just as important. The report of the Expert Commission is devoted to the status quo and possible improvements in chapters 4.2.4 and 4.3.4.