Integration and being German in the 21st century

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If we want to shape the immigration society, the Commission believes that we need a social and political discourse about a new and broader understanding of integration. In this context, society as a whole must be taken into account. The Expert Commission proposes a new approach: It advocates dissociating the understanding of integration from migration and relating it to society as a whole. 

Integration is thus placed in a context that extends far beyond migration. The Expert Commission is convinced that this also means developing an open self-image of "being German in the 21st century" with criteria of belonging that take into account the diversity of Germany as a country of immigration. 
This includes, above all: 

  • Understanding integration as a task for society as a whole, see chapter 5.2
  • Redefining ‘being German’ in a way that incorporates multiple affiliations and diverse concepts of identity, see chapter 5.4
  • Recognition of the Basic Law as a framework and foundation on which to ensure social cohesion, see chapter 5.6
  • Investing in democracy education, see chapter 5.7
  • Taking into consideration the question of belonging also in the special conflict area of the culture of memory and the politics of history, see chapter 5.5 .