Emancipation and equality

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Germany is a diverse country and this also holds true for gender relations in the country of immigration. Women, men, and LGBTQ persons should be able to autonomously and freely shape their own path in life. The extent to which immigration can affect gender relations is an intriguing question, also one fraught with conflict, that the Expert Commission addresses in chapter 3.6 .

Irrespective of migration, Germany has been struggling for emancipation and equality for more than a hundred years. There are many efforts in this regard, but no 'automatism' towards greater and equal participation of all people. The Expert Commission has dealt in detail with where it sees a need for action and provides suggestions on several topics, including

  •  empowerment, which must support all people (regardless of their origin, gender or sexual orientation) in shaping their lives in a self-determined way, see chapter 3.6
  • the question of the connection between religiosity and gender with regard to employment biographies in chapter 3.7
  • the question of family reunification in chapters 3.9 and 4.9 
  • the labour market participation of women in chapter 4.3.9 .