Migration background

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The Commission talked a lot about terms and concepts, because (implicit) messages are always conveyed through them. In this respect, a sensitive use of language is important. For the concept of "migration background" in particular, the Commission suggests defining it more clearly and at the same time in more narrow terms than before within the framework of official statistics. In addition, it is recommended not to speak of "persons with a migration background" anymore but of "immigrants and their (direct) descendants". Even this term is not an ideal solution in the sense of a universally applicable term that fulfils scientific as well as colloquial and political expectations. But the Expert Commission's thoughts on this in chapter 5.8  are a start toward accommodating people in our country for whom the term "migration background" feels like a label they cannot escape from, even if they have lived here for a long time, have German citizenship or were born in Germany and have never moved anywhere else.