Racism, right-wing extremism and terrorism

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It contradicts the basic idea of integration if people become victims of hatred or a crime because of their - actual or supposed - affiliation with a social group, if they experience abasement and exclusion or have to defend themselves against prejudices based on their skin colour, origin or religion. 

Racism, hate crime and terrorism contradict the values which form the foundation of Germany’s basic free democratic order; this can presently be seen especially in right-wing extremism and right-wing terrorism. These phenomena thus endanger the very substance of society. This cannot be countered with temporary standalone projects. Rather, combating these phenomena is an ongoing task for the security authorities and for everyone in Germany. This also includes a greater civic engagement against racist and anti-Semitic expressions and actions in everyday life as well as a basic consensus on the rejection of violence and belittling of people. The Expert Commission has a number of recommendations in this regard, particularly in chapter 3.4 on the phenomena of racism, antiziganism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, right-wing populism, right-wing extremism, right-wing terrorism and hate crime, and in chapter 3.5.3 also on Islamist terror. Chapter 4.5.3 also sheds light on the problem of racist discrimination and discrimination based on religious affiliation, because racism manifests itself not only at the level of individual attitudes or acts of violence, but can also be reflected in discriminatory acts and practices and result in structural disadvantage for the groups concerned.